OKE-THOMAS + ASSOCIATES utilizes a multi-disciplinary approach to achieve harmony  between form and function. Our staff establishes a close, working relationship with clients  from the beginning when goals and objectives are discussed and limits determined. Our  design process helps build confidence that the chosen solution is the right one for the  client and, most importantly, the user.

   We understand that a design is something skillfully and methodically planned; it requires  time and study and reason. In addition, we understand philosophy in terms of studying the  causes and relations of things and ideas; the wisdom that comes from contemplation of  the right ideas and designs for the firm, and also for the client.

   Our basic design philosophy is to design the highest quality of architecture possible,  giving our clients professional services of the highest caliber. This includes quality design  within a specific budget. Quality architecture is not only meeting the programmatic,  functional, and spatial requirements of our clients, but also developing an interesting and  well balanced design. All in all, we at OKE-THOMAS + ASSOCIATES, design a look you can  be proud of.