OKE-THOMAS + ASSOCIATES was established in 1993 as a construction management  firm. We have now grown to provide a full-service architecture, planning and construction  management service. Because of our background, we have experience in every aspect of  the design and construction industry. In doing so, we have developed an appreciation for  the different roles in the building process.

   At OKE-THOMAS + ASSOCIATES, excellence means a continuous commitment to  achieving the best possible results for our clients. It means a dedication to learning what  the client wants, developing the right design and executing with utmost care and  precision. In short, excellence means setting the standard by which other firms can be  judged.

   We strive to exceed our clients' expectations and we take pride in the individual services  that we offer our clients. By working with a firm of our size, you will enjoy a responsive  attitude by every member of our design team. We, at OKE-THOMAS + ASSOCIATES,  define "responsive" as listening to and understanding the specific requests of our clients.  Then we follow through to their exact specifications.